Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On the live media coverage of JBC selection process

We welcome media coverage of JBC selection and believe that it will increase the quality of public debate.

Politically, we have long been hung up on personalities instead of issues and platforms. The live coverage of the JBC interviews gives our countrymen a deeper understanding of the pressing issues in our justice system and allows us all to look deeper beyond names and first impressions. The quality of public debate is improving, and this should put the needed pressure on our government to wisely select the next leader of the judiciary.

We earlier wrote the JBC requesting that the selection process be made available to the public. In our letter to JBC we suggested that the body ask nominees difficult questions regarding increasing conviction rates, filling up vacancies, and curbing corruption.

Now that we have achieved a small but crucial victory in making the JBC process and interviews more transparent to the public, hard part begins. We must make judicial reform a top priority and choose a Chief Justice based on competence, moral ascendancy, and the determination to institute much needed-reforms on an antiquated and slugging justice system.

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