Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Facing Christmas and New Year with renewed hope

2009 has shown us great triumph as well as great tragedy. In the end, we have seen both the best and the worst in us this 2009. We seek justice for the massacre in Maguindanao. We seek rehabilitation and renewal for the victims of Ondoy and Pepeng. We thank Manny Pacquiao for making us believe in our capacity as a people and we thank Efren Peñaflorida Jr. for showing us that each of us regardless of our station in life can do heroic things. Indeed there still is much to be thankful for and so with renewed hope, we face the new year ready to take on the challenges and do our share in helping make our nation, our world a better place for our children, for our people. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

PGMA declared Martial law to save her own skin; the Constitution can go to hell for all she cares

The Martial Law declaration can be likened to the washing of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's hands of the guilt of having coddled the Ampatuans all these years, of having armed them to the teeth and of having provided government salaries for their armed men who have been implicated in the massacre.

The declaration is meant to free her of any responsibility whatsoever. It is meant to build her defenses in the event that she is charged before the international criminal court for crimes against humanity. Thus, even without a rebellion she issued the declaration. It is for her self-preservation and our laws and the Constitution can all go to hell for all she cares.

The accused masterminds were her loyal party men, the other accused were armed by and employed by her government. She is worried that liability will be pinned on her and so to save her own skin, she needs to sacrifice the Ampatuans and all others implicated in the heinous offense.

Martial Law was meant to save her own skin from possible liability under both Philippine law and international criminal law.
She cares little about local public opinion. It is the opinion of the international community that matters dearly to her. She dreads being hailed to the international criminal court for crimes against humanity. The Martial Law declaration is meant to appease international indignation and does not look to a nationwide Martial Law declaration in the future.

She isn't out to save the Ampatuans. She is out to save herself. For the cause of her own survival, no one in indispensable.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

On PGMA's declaration of Martial Law

We woke up this morning to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declaring Martial Law over Maguindanao and nearby provinces in the south.

Under Section 18 Article VII, Martial Law can only be declared if there is an invasion or rebellion. Neither is existing in the case of the Maguindanao massacre. The massacre is neither a rebellion nor an invasion but a case of multiple murders involving government officials loyal to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The truth is all key personalities are now under police custody. The factual basis for a Martial Law declaration therefore appears to be inexistent.

Labag sa Saligang Batas ang nasabing deklarasyon. Tulad ng EO 464 at Proclamation 1017 dapat ibasura ang proklamasyong ito dahil ito ay kontra sa Saligang Batas. Hindi na kailangan ang proklamasyon upang mapaaresto ang mga salarin. At base sa mga reports ay naaresto na ang mga Ampatuan.

Dapat bawiin na ni Gloria ang nasabing proklamasyon.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PGMA: Resign now and run in Pampanga as a private citizen

We join the clamor of a number of our citizens who are calling on PGMA to resign from her position as President now that she has filed her certificate of candidacy for Congress.

It is improper for a sitting President to stay on as President as she campaigns for a lower position. The temptation to use all the powers of the office to ensure her victory in the elections in the district and that of her allies in other districts nationwide is too difficult to resist especially when one is motivated by political survival. The entire government bureaucracy, including the Armed Forces and the Philippine National Police, will be at her beck and call as Commander in Chief. Most importantly, she has access to billions of government funds.

The lessons of the fertilizer scam reveal how government resources can be diverted to favor political allies nationwide. We cannot allow a repeat come 2010.

PGMA should resign the Presidency and run in Pampanga as private citizen Gloria.