Saturday, August 29, 2009

A challenge to all reformists: LET US UNITE FOR CHANGE!

From my visits to various parts of the country I can sense a brewing political upheaval, a massive outpouring of people in their millions--all geared towards the 2010 elections. People want regime change, and they want it through our electoral process. The urgency of building a national consensus for genuine change cannot be underscored enough.

We urge civic groups such as Kaya Natin!, Ang Kapatiran Party, Movement for Good Governance, Akbayan, Bayan Muna, PAGASA, and Bangon Pilipinas--as well as religious groups such as the Iglesia ni Kristo, the El Shaddai, the CBCP, among others--to come together and unit for the sake of genuine change.

Our country is in a mess. We need to do our share and help free our nation from decades of failed leadership. We are headed towards greater political disasters unless something is done to help change the course of our nation.

Faced with these challenges, do we simply watch and wait? Do we throw our hands up in surrender? Do we just stand idly by? Do we stare at the mess and do nothing? NO! WE FIGHT! We struggle mightily against the old bankrupt order and this is how we will defeat it and help usher in real change for our nation, for our children.

Let us help build a national coalition for change!