Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pretend play can also be used to encourage our toddlers to eat their food

When Miguel refuses to eat his food or has his 'moods' that get him distracted and therefore fails to eat the food on his plate, I again employ pretend play. I pretend that the food and Miguel's mouth, teeth, stomach can speak and they begin to converse with one another.

The stomach says 'Hi rice and fish, i miss you. Can we play please? Then the rice and the fish reply saying 'Hi there tummy, we miss you too and we also want to play!' While this conversation is going on, I hold the spoon and the rice and fish close to Miguel's mouth and he too participates by opening his mouth so as to swallow the food. The rice and fish in Miguel's mouth would then start to speak inside his mouth saying 'Yuppy, we will be playing with the tummy!' "We miss him so so much!

After which Miguel responds by chewing excitedly and then he swallows his food with a smile. At this point the tummy, the rice and the fish start conversing with one another inside Miguel's tummy saying hello to each other and saying how they have missed each other so much and how fun it is to be playing with one another.

The vegetables on Miguel's play then join in saying they too want to play with the tummy and so Miguel then excitedly prepares to swallow his vegetables!

Parents can try and create other types of imaginary conversations between body parts like the teeth, the lips, the mouth and the food such as the ever important vegetables to make eating interesting and fun.


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