Saturday, July 30, 2011

Leave no stones unturned in the 2004 elections investigation

In the interest of the truth and of justice, I welcome the latest developments wherein new witnesses are now surfacing to tell us what they know about the 2004 elections. I too am interested in the whole truth because it will be a chance for those involved in cheating to be unmasked.

Our role in the canvassing committee in 2004 mandated us to decide on the basis of the evidence available, the rules and the law. All the evidence now surfacing seven years later was not available then. In 2004 we did not know about ‘hello garci’, but when we learned about the taped conversations in 2005, out of principle, we did not hesitate to condemn the acts of PGMA then and called for her immediate resignation. In keeping with this principled position, we refused a slot in the admin ticket in 2007 and opted to run as an independent.

We encourage the DOJ and the COMELEC to dig deep and leave no stones unturned in the investigation as the public deserve no less than the whole truth. Walang sinuman ang dapat santuhin dito. In a democratic process, it is through an election that the citizens are given a voice in governance. To make a mockery of this process is to make a mockery of democracy. The public deserve no less than the whole truth.

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