Thursday, June 9, 2011

A delightful play time and conversation with Miel

Child experts say that playing is essential to a child's development as a human being. I make it a point to spend play time with my two little ones. It is also a wonderful opportunity to experience
delightful conversation with them.

Miel and I were pretend playing that we were secret agents:

Miel: Dad, pretending I am the smart agent and that I know all the
secret codes.

Dad: Huh? What about me? I am not smart?

Miel: No I am just smarter because my brain is half human and half


1 comment:

JEROSHA said...

I think Miel and my son would be a perfect playmate (lol). For now I'm the evil robot while my son is the half-human and half-robot hero ... is that fair?