Friday, March 5, 2010

On Sen. Noynoy's Aquino's topping the polls

Sen. Noynoy AQUINO's survey ratings is proof that people yearn for change. Despite the billions spent by his adversaries, his topping the polls is proof that people want a leader who is honest and who can be trusted. People want change and they see the chances of a better life with an Aquino presidency.

We believe that, as the day of reckoning nears, Sen. Aquino's support will swell further and the public clamor for change will grow louder because his message of honesty in governance will resonate even stronger in the minds of voters angry at the abuses and the corruption that now dominate our politics and governance. The voters are eager to bring about the much needed change for a better future. His message, "kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap," is resonating deeply with the voters.


Fjordan Allego said...

I just do hope that he'll continue to top the polls up to the election time itself. I can't imagine Villar ruling the country. He'll just turn the Philippines into an entire real state property as Winnie Monsod stated on her article.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i wish Noy will win the presidency this May. He is the one for the change in our country. I am saying this because i saw the real world in the Philippine government and how corruption rules the country. and a kind hearted person would puke if they find out how corruption works in our country.

i love the Aquinos so much. they are the examples of real people. i will vote for him. i want change in our country so much. i can't help it anymore seeing the continuous corruption in our government. i was once an employee of DepEd, there i saw how rude people are. and what's heart crushing is that the superintendent them self leads the corruption. they approve buying books worth millions of pesos from publishers. in return they get back 60-70% of the payment after the publishers encash the checks. they, including the book salesmen and other people in the office divides the money where the head and the salesmen gets the 30-50% of the cut. what's hurting is the books are usually not delivered to the schools that should be benefiting the purchased items. so the kids don't get hold of the books which are supposedly for for them. too much money spend, not much Filipino citizens enjoys those benefits. the heads of Depeds even retire with millions worth of properties and even have luxurious cars. and worst is the salesmen have the same luxuries this heads have now. if you put them on a life style check i guarantee you that they are richer than a successful Chinese business men in the Philippines.

this has been going on for years probably since the 1980's although not as "garapal" as it is right now. it is really painful to know the head and even the salesmen get rich by stealing money from the government and not even giving just a little of what the people should have like those kids who should be the one benefiting from it. it is so unfair to know and see this.

i wish Noy wins this presidency, which i know he will, so that this corruption ends. i have a gut feelings that he will stop this rude selfish people and get rid of them. they even deserve to be in jail, even those two faces salesmen who washes their hands by telling they know nothing about this because they are just there to sell books, and of course the publishers who are the real reason for this corrupt situations.

that is why, please Noy when you win the presidency, clean the government. i know you can do it. never let them steal from us again...thank you for standing for the Filipino people. congratulations!