Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On signing the committee report, Manny Villar, and the C5 controversy

We signed the committee report of the Committee of the Whole in keeping with the official Liberal Party stand, decided yesterday, that at the very least the report ought to be presented in plenary regardless of whether we are for or against the findings.

I believe it is a reasonable proposition. Pure and simple. We did not endorse the findings in the report, and I may even opt to vote against it, take no part, or seek amendments should I disagree with its findings after it is presented.

Manny Villar's camp should know by now that I am not his or anyone's puppet and that I will not allow myself to be used by anyone for or against an issue. In fact, I am NOT the issue in the C5 controversy. Senator Villar is the issue. I am not running for public office in 2010, HE IS.

They can attack me all they want but it would be best that they focus their efforts instead on explaining to the voters their side on the C5 controversy.


gladys said...

It is a very immature act on the part of Sen.Villar's partymates to be absent when this was scheduled to be discussed.If he is really clean,he might as will manifest this by answering these allegations in a straightforward manner.

thomablaza said...

Hoy Gladys! Sobrang tanga ka ba? Alam mo bang nagpopost ka sa blog (diumano) ng senador na absent din kahapon? OO, absent sa Senado si Kiko Pangilinan kahapon!

Wag kang pumares sa mga reporter ng ABSCBN na bobo magresearch. OO bobo sila, lalo na si Lynda Jumilla. Sabihin ba naman na myembro ng NP si Kiko e LP nga siya!


gladys said...
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gladys said...

Pardon your language!What I was trying to say was the case in point,and the main man involved.You could be more civil you know,but then again maybe it's too much to ask it from someone like you.