Friday, November 27, 2009

What next on Maguindanao?

Friends have been asking on Twitter and Facebook about our next steps in regard to the "Maguindanao Massacre" and our pursuit of justice.

For our part, we in the Senate will be closely monitoring the action taken by the DOJ, the NBI, the COMELEC, the PNP, the DND, the AFP, the DILG, and Malacanang on the issue. The Senate will exercise its oversight functions. We will also look into the performance of the ARMM and review the law creating it.

In addition, all these government offices will be trooping to the Senate, beginning next week until December 18, as we go through their respective budgets. We will likewise require these agencies to report to us the developments in the case.

The Senate will exercise its role as a check and balance to all these agencies directly involved in the issue, to ensure that they do their jobs.

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dazzler143 said...

Our country desperately needs action. If the citizens are crying for justice, the families of the victims are begging for your mercy to act fast on this. What is happening is not human anymore. If these acts happens more often, what is left for us all ordinary citizens? We will not be able to protect ourself if we go against the powerful people who wants to control the country. How much more of this cruel act we need to witness before we seriously say that the country is in chaos and we have to do something about this? It's heartbreaking and terrifying because if these disorder is not controlled, we ordinary people will suffer greatly, and our lives will stop turning just because to some people, their power isn't enough until they have the full control.