Thursday, November 26, 2009

GMA, LAKAS-KAMPI created the monsters in Maguindanao

It is painful enough to watch and hear about what happened in Maguindanao through the news. One can only imagine the horrors that the victims had to go through as they were shot and mutilated to death.

We believe that GMA and LAKAS-KAMPI created the monsters in Maguindanao. The explusion of the Ampatuans smack of politicking. The lawlessness and the barbarism that now prevail in the province has the fingerprints of LAKAS-KAMPI all over it, considering that all warring factions were party members supported unconditionally by the ruling party.

Who can forget the incredible 12-0 Maguindanao vote in the 2007 elections wherein LAKAS-KAMPI conspired with local warlords to make LAKAS stalwart Zubiri No. 1 in the province? Who can forget the burning of election returns by Lintang Bedol? LAKAS-KAMPI aided and abetted lawlessness when it allowed for the wanton disregard and flagrant violation of election laws in the area. They even rewarded their local partners handsomely by providing logistical support for their ARMM re-election.

President Arroyo and LAKAS-KAMPI created the Frankenstein monster that in the end massacred 57 human beings last Monday. The expulsion of the Ampatuans by LAKAS-KAMPI is an act that is too little and too late. If at all, it smacks of politicking and maneuvering for 2010 for their standard bearer, Gibo Teodoro. They now wash their hands of the grizzly murders. It will not bring the massacre victims back to life.

We believe Teodoro is ill-advised in this attempt to gain political points. The party which he now heads created the monster in Maguindanao and he, together with other LAKAS-KAMPI, is now part of the problem in Maguindanao.


chaeon said...

Indeed Senator. The people who are responsible for the cruel death of innocent people must pay for what they have done. The expulsion was not even a punishment for these monsters of Maguindanao.

For Gibo and his party, it is time for these people to realize that the midget is ruling our country in a very wrong way and thus she must pay and they must pay too for I believe that they have been part of the creation of such monsters.

noypi_bai said...

GMA indeed created her own version of a Frankenstein monster...and now she doesn't know how to get rid of it (without being bitten by her monster). In fairness to Gibo Teodoro, I woudn't call his efforts "washing of hands" - he's just cleaning the garbage that GMA left. Garbage "cleaning-expert" BF could have helped him best if only the latter stayed in the party. :-)

nanardxz said...

sori ha, pero i must disagree with you guys, lahat nalang ng nangyayari sa presidente isinisisi, mamaya mamatay ung aso ng kapitbahay nyo sa pangulo nyo pa ibunton ung galit dahil nagmahal ang bilihin tulad ng dogfood? how strange, paanu kaya kung tayo ung taong nasa pwesto. this one bad value meron ang mga pinoy ang magturuan after ng mga tragedy. pati pagkamatay ni fpj kay pgma din ata un? ang change nagsisimula sa sarili.. lagi nalang salita yan ng mga pulitiko.. acting lang naman lahat.
one christian value na dapat natin matutunan eh ung acceptance-- pagtanggap kasi natin ung pangyayari madali tayong makakarecover dahil nakakapag-isip tau ng paraan. ^^ ah ewan, maging optimistic nalang sana tau. tandang-tanda ko pa sabi ng madreng guro ko nung high school, sabi nya-- wag nyo maging ugali sana yong manuro at mangsisi ng kapwa, pagnagturo ka kasi isang daliri lang ung nakatutok talaga sa other person, the rest sa sarili mu na. ^^