Friday, March 22, 2013

The Turning Point

I was in Minalin, Pampanga today to throw my support for Among Ed Panlilio who is waging an uphill battle there. I remembered my own uphill battle in 2007 when I went solo and refused to join either the administration and the opposition and ran for reelection as an independent.

It was in a motorcade in Pampanga during the early days of the 2007 elections, at a time when I was wondering if I did the right thing by going solo, when a man in a sleeveless shirt, shorts and slippers ran towards our motorcade, grabbed my hand and passed on something to me saying 'Isama mo ito, Kiko!'.

When I looked at my hand to see what he had given me, there I saw a one hundred peso bill. I was deeply moved by the gesture of that man. It was certainly the turning point in my lonely yet necessary solo run. This selfless act of commitment and sacrifice by this nameless citizen inspired me to push on with all my might and heart to campaign tirelessly and win.

Kapag ang taumbayan na mimso ang kumilos, tumaya at maninindigan, walang anumang pwersang maaring maging hadlang sa tagumpay ng bayan

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Kareen Grace Lacorte said...

It's a good thing that you are not involved in the nasty political affairs of party lists. It just proves that when a politician has the will to become a "stateman", there's no need for an ally. You can stand alone and you can still triumph.

I salute you Senator.