Tuesday, May 15, 2012

(May 15, 2012) Impeachment Trial: My Ecumenical Prayer

Almighty Father, Heavenly King, as we near the end of this historic impeachment trial as Senator-Judges, we humbly seek Your infinite wisdom, Your boundless courage, and immeasurable strength as we fulfill one constitutional duty to render impartial justice in these proceedings.

We thank You, Oh Lord, that after nearly six months, we have come this far in search of the truth and in the pursuit of justice.

We thank You, Heavenly King, for both the prosecution and the defense who have endeavored mightily to pursue their respective causes.

We thank You for our presiding officer, our Senate President, for his remarkable stamina and unparalleled incisiveness in the steering of these proceedings.

We humbly ask you to bless, to guide, and to shepherd all parties in their proceeding including the respondent Chief Justice and his family.

And at that point when a decision by the court is made, regardless of the outcome, we pray that You allow the healing of the nation to commence.

Gabayan mo po kami, Panginoong makapangyarihan, sa aming hangarin na maitaguyod ang katarungan at katotohanan sa paglilitis na ito. Nawa’y mangibabaw ang hustisya para sa lahat.

Finally, we ask You Oh Lord to bless our beloved nation and our people, and that in the end it is her interest and that of her citizens, the Filipino people alone who are best served by the verdict of this Court.


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