Saturday, January 28, 2012

Number of witnesses a "cause for concern"

The number of witnesses is a cause for concern. If they are serious about presenting all these 100 witnesses then we face the prospects of a prolonged trial. We have had six witnesses in the last two weeks. If we maintain this pace, 100 witnesses will require 10 months of trial. This doesn't include the witnesses for the defense. Going by this lengthy route is pushing to the limit our ability to effectively govern the nation.

While we should give both the defense and the prosecution enough leeway to present their case, it is the duty of the impeachment court to strike a healthy balance between the demands of the the trial and that of the national interest.


admin said...

It's a total waste of people's money and time for both parties, para na yang telenovela pag nagkataon. Go Back to work prosecution team.. nagkakalat lang kayo.

admin said...
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