Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Show sincerity to peace process by surrendering Asnawi

We call on the separatist group Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to prove its sincerity to the ongoing peace process by surrendering wanted MILF commander Dan Laksaw Asnawi to the authorities.

Their refusal is a blow to the peace process. Coddling wanted individuals and the criminally accused does not speak well of their motives and intentions. The MILF, like the GRP, should learn to bite the bullet if it truly wishes to see the peace process see fruition. The MILF should not play hardball lest it become tagged as a terrorist organization uninterested in peace and wanting only to sow terror and mayhem until its objectives are met. We are for peace and we challenge the MILF to show that it is truly sincere in wanting peace as well.

The President has shown his commitment to peace by flying to Japan to meet (MILF Chairman) Murad Ebrahim. PNoy went out on a limb for peace; MILF should be willing to do the same. PNoy showed his commitment by action and not merely by words. We challenge the MILF to do the same.

Swift, decisive action for peace is what we want to see from the MILF leadership. Mere talk of peace is not enough.

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