Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On the legality of the DOJ-COMELEC panel, and what this could mean regarding GMA's arrest

It is my understanding that, this afternoon, the SC will deliberate on the petition filed by Mike Arroyo questioning the legality of the creation of the DOJ-COMELEC panel. Based on the findings of this panel, the COMELEC filed the electoral sabotage case last Friday. If at some point the SC declares the panel unconstitutional then the warrant of arrest issued by the RTC court where the case against Arroyo was filed will be without force and effect. The arrest warrant will be rendered void. I fear that this will be the final outcome, and I pray I am wrong.


joey camingao III said...

Hi Sir, first I'd like to say that you are not alone in praying, you can count me in.

Second,if the SC's ruling will do declare it unconstitutional, what would be your thoughts on those justices who favored for the unconstitutionality of the warrant?

Aldrin S. said...

Sen. Pangilinan, I followed you bcoz you're the only senator who has a high sense on independence in opinion.Now, here is my question....If the court has proven that GMA is guilty, is there a possibility that all justices appointed by GMA in SC will be ousted from their position occupied?