Sunday, October 2, 2011

Agri social enterprises coupled with public-private partnerships ensures sustainable agriculture in the Philippines

Sustainable farming must begin with the community, ably supported by various sectors. Farming, if done right, can be profitable and can lead to an improved quality of life for our farmers and fisherfolk.

We really need to drastically improve our farmers’ incomes, with some farmers earning as little as P30,000 a year. We must adopt Gawad Kalinga's model to develop sustainable agricultural communities.

The commitment of the private sector, the corporate sector, is key because it is the private sector that has the needed resources to sustain the effort of modernizing agriculture and achieving food sufficiency. Government, on the other hand, must come in to provide assistance in terms of technology, research and development, and key infrastructure development around those communities.

Agri social enterprises, coupled with public-private partnerships, is unleashing People Power in the rural areas in order for agricultural communities to increase their earnings and improve their quality of life, With this, we hope to become food-sufficient and self-sustaining, thereby reshaping our nation.

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