Thursday, September 8, 2011

Allot additional budget for the Coconut Industry

We are looking at the feasibility of the Department of Agriculture’s capacity to spend the total amount budgeted for irrigation in 2012. It may be prudent for the DA to allot, say P5B, to help the coconut industry—which according to the Philippine Coconut Authority is in danger as coconut trees in the country are dying.

We are also pleased that the DA’s banner programs for 2012 are aimed at upping the income of our farmers, which as it stands today at P17, 000 annually is totally unacceptable. In this light, we urge the DA to be systematic in implementing irrigation repairs for us to determine realistically if the P27B is going to be exhausted in a year’s time. Otherwise, it may be best to divert it to other high-value crops and other programs that will increase the income of our farmers.

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