Thursday, May 19, 2011

My harvests for the day

In the empty lot in front of our home I also planted siling labuyo, sitaw, alugbate and talong. We have been harvesting these high value crops for over a month now.

I planted forty bushes of talong and also used vermicompost organic fertilizer. A month after planting we started harvesting and within two weeks each talong bush produced five to seven pieces of talong for a total of some two hundred pieces of talong daily. Today, a month and a half later we are still harvesting talong although in lesser quantities. Here are some of them picked this morning.

For sitaw, after forty five days from planting we began harvesting daily and have been doing so for nearly one month now. Here is the amount harvested this morning.

I also planted a number of siling labuyo bushes. Here is the harvest of siling labuyo also done this morning. All these seeds were purchased in packets from the local market. Each packet costs fifty pesos and has three hundred seeds.

Alugbate is good with monggo or pakbet. It is very rich in potassium. Here is this mornings harvest.

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