Monday, January 10, 2011

Chacha is not a magic wand that will solve our country's problems

We should not look at ChaCha as the magic wand that will solve our country's problems. We are still struggling to implement our laws as they are, what makes them think that when a new set of laws under a new constitution is put in place these new laws will then be effectively and fully implemented? Even under a new constitution it will still be political will and genuine leadership that will ensure that the laws are implemented in full. Changing our constitution doesn't guarantee anything. In the end, what we need is determined and effective leadership that will vigorously implement our laws in full without fear or favor.

I am willing to debate but I must caution the public not too look at the ChaCha as a magic wand that will solve the serious problems facing the nation. If we cannot implement our existing laws in full what makes us think that we will be able to implement the laws in full under a new constitution? Full and effective implementation of our laws by public sector leaders with the support of citizens who are equally determined and resolute in effecting real change will bring about the change we seek with or without ChaCha.


MECA said...

I agree with Chacha not being like magic. but i also believe some of the provisions need to be amended. Now, do the provisions needing amendment worth the chacha? my answer is yes.though i also agree that good leadership and implemention are keys to change, is this really possible? who would this leader be? are we gonna wait for the Who or will we start doing the changes now in whatever little ways we can?

ariel said...

if they're going to ammend the constitution, how sure are we if these new consti will be religiously implemented? it has been a couple of decades wherein some of the laws under the current constitution haven't been fully practiced what more if we partake then again another bureaucratic fiat.

abbybba7 said...

i agree with that SIR!

its not about the constitution.
ganun din naman ehh
and its not about what laws were implemented
i think its abouthow they were.