Friday, December 10, 2010

The petty bickering between local football federation is detestable and makes me want to vomit

This disunity between local football federation officials which has led to the non holding of the semi finals game between Indonesia and the phil is such a shame. Their inability to rise above their differences in the interest of both the sport and the nation is truly regretable.

Here we have a golden opportunity to cheer our national team and foster national unity and pride and we have thrown it away because of petty bickering. It is this kind of selfish, petty promotion of personal interests over the national interest that has prevented our nation from truly progressing in various fields. It makes one want to vomit in disgust. It is detestable and condemnable.

This is truly deplorable and those who sabotaged our chances of hosting the event should be made to commit harakiri. Nakakahiya ang ginawa nilang pagsabotahe sa nasabing hosting semi finals match. This makes me want to vomit in disgust.

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