Thursday, October 7, 2010

On PNoy's high trust rating

The high trust rating that PNoy got during the election is unprecedented, so it is no surprise that it carries over after the presidential polls. This political capital is very important in enforcing policies to alleviate poverty, generate jobs, lower prices, and curb corruption--even if the measures are unpopular. This high trust of the people was never enjoyed by past administrations, not even President Cory. But PNoy's men need to keep up and do their jobs well.

* * *

Moving the country forward is a serious undertaking. It requires laser-like precision and focus. Our problems as a country are so serious that without unity we cannot succeed. Without unity we will fail to address corruption and poverty. Our country cries out for solutions, and for sacrifice to see these solutions through. We must all act towards achieving this regardless of the personal costs.

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