Saturday, May 8, 2010

The revenge of the voter!

It's time to reclaim our nation from those who have run it to the ground and have robbed us of our dignity and self-respect. The revenge of the voter!

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dolphin said...

revenge? i pity your party. you have nothing but angst in your heart. your purpose is not to help people but rather to use the masses' pathetic condition in order to gain sympathy. have you any idea why these filipinos are poor? the government is to blame in some parts but life is what we make it. my family plunged into poverty for a period of 7 years but not once did they blame the government. they didn't sulk neither they entertained the thought of self-pity. instead they worked hard to salvage the future of their children.

if noynoy wins, it'll be the biggest insult in our history. what difference can he make? does he have the leadership? the people behind him are way, way smarter than he is. can Noynoy get a hand of them or is it the other way around?

the problem with Noynoy's team is that they are all sick in the mind.
you don't love this country. you are all wolves in sheeps' clothing.