Sunday, January 10, 2010

Villar and Gordon shouldn't claim to know more than the voters

The presidentiables attacking Noynoy are missing the point entirely. They are misreading the public pulse. They claim to know better than the voters who are now demanding integrity and honesty in government. Voters want an incorruptible President; track record is no longer enough.

They who hit Noynoy for his alleged lack of experience are making a mistake by claiming they know more than voters. Voters are no longer dumb or blind to the empty promises and the rhetoric of politics. Voters today are more intelligent and more discerning. After being repeatedly betrayed by the trapos, they now know what they want and that is inspiration and integrity rather than merely experience.

GMA had the experience. She was former DTI Undersecretary, Senator, Vice President... yet where are we headed today? People know that experience per se has not changed out nation for the better.

The issue in 2010 is not about experience. It is about TRUST. We believe that people want change to take place and want to be able to trust their President not to abuse and enrich himself in office. It is Noynoy who has the track record for honesty and integrity in government. Who among the presidentiables can be trusted to ensure honesty in government? Who among them can inspire our people to go out and be involved in 2010 and beyond for real change?

Now, more than ever, people want honesty and integrity in their President. Noynoy will give them that and, together with a people committed to change, usher in a new direction for our nation.

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