Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PGMA: Resign now and run in Pampanga as a private citizen

We join the clamor of a number of our citizens who are calling on PGMA to resign from her position as President now that she has filed her certificate of candidacy for Congress.

It is improper for a sitting President to stay on as President as she campaigns for a lower position. The temptation to use all the powers of the office to ensure her victory in the elections in the district and that of her allies in other districts nationwide is too difficult to resist especially when one is motivated by political survival. The entire government bureaucracy, including the Armed Forces and the Philippine National Police, will be at her beck and call as Commander in Chief. Most importantly, she has access to billions of government funds.

The lessons of the fertilizer scam reveal how government resources can be diverted to favor political allies nationwide. We cannot allow a repeat come 2010.

PGMA should resign the Presidency and run in Pampanga as private citizen Gloria.

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nanardxz said...

how improper? if the law and all that legal stuffs allows it?