Sunday, April 26, 2009

They grow up so fast

Late this afternoon with the 'lambing' of my little Frankie I brought her to 7 11 where we both had a hotdog. She had a regular and I had a chili dog.

I introduced Frankie and Miel to the 7 11 hotdog a few months ago. We would go there on a Sunday when there weren't too many people around and we would have our Daddy-Daughter/s bonding. Today, however, Miel wasn't up to going out so it was just me and Frankie.

Long before Frankie and Miel were born, I would by myself every so often have a chili dog from 7 11. A truly great tasting hotdog, if you ask me. Even greater with root beer.

It is truly joyful to be able to spend time with my children. This is is how it is now with Frankie and Miel and this was how it was too with KC when she was younger. I recall when I started dating Sharon, KC was not yet 9. We too had our separate 'dates' and bonding time particularly when Sharon was busy with work.

KC is all of 24 years now. Indeed, how time flies. I am thankful in a way that I tried my best to spend time with her when she was still in her pre teen years, until her teen years and until most recently as an adult. We would even do the monthly groceries together for many years. She is of course a big girl now and has a life of her own with schedules so hectic but we make it a point to still have our daddy-daughter dates whenever we can so as to say in touch and stay connected. Of course it is no longer like it was before but then she is no longer 10 years old. I have to remind myself that she is no longer 10.

Now, I carry on the traditional daddy-daughter dates with both Frankie and Miel. KC was not yet 9 then when I started dating Sharon. KC is 24 now. Frankie is not yet 9 today. Yes, sadly it does mean that even before I notice it, Frankie too will be all of 24. It breaks my heart that they grow up so very very fast.

I know that they will be all grown up sooner rather than later and therefore I do not wish to waste a single moment while they are still little to be there for them and to share in their simple joys and the simplicity and the innocence of their happiness. They are only little for such a brief, fleeting moment and so for as long as I can help it, I will try my very best make every single moment matter.



jeklog said...

Touching words coming a father's heart...Thank you for speaking in behalf of the thoughts of loving fathers around.

Sad that sometimes other Fathers do not express their love in a way that could truly be realized by young kids. (is it culture sipping in?)

Reading your post made me paint a picture of how I want to spend time with my future kids. Salamat uli and keep it up sir!

Thank you po pala for the invite sa sortie nyo. It would be of great honor makasama sa isa.

Ingat po and keep the family happy. I'm happy to see that other than being our "Kiko" You are ur kids' "Super Kiko" by simply being a father to them.


Jasper Macabulos

SASSY MOM said...

It's so nice to see dads posting about their bonding moments with their kids.

Most often Fathers are not that vocal. Just like you I am amazed at how time flies.

ina said...

hi sir, happy anniversary to you and mam sharon :)

Kelvin S. Mangundayao said...

. . .your daughters were soo lucky for having a father like you. . . i enjoyed reading it. . . thanks for sharing. . . May GOD bless you and your family!!!:)

athena said...

huhuhu:c Im about to turn 20 this may.. time flies so fast.. I can still recall the moments when I was really a brat.. now, Im hurling myself to the future that I have imagined. Thanks sir for posting this... it somehow gave me a picture on how my mom and dad are feeling right now..:) by the way, my classmates and I met Sir Jojo Digao last night over dinner..take care po.