Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What are your top 2 choices??

I realized that in my previous blog entry the readers have expressed certain preferences among the 10 reasons.

Please fell free to 1) Let me know what your top choices are and why and 2) If in your view there is an additional reason you feel should be included then please post it as well so we can have more than 10 reasons to be optimistic and hopeful for our nation!




merl_md said...

Top choice:

6) WE HAVE THE EMERGENCE OF A NEW GENERATION OF PROGRESSIVE AND RESULTS ORIENTED PUBLIC SECTOR LEADERS. - Because of this I am for Federalism. We will continue to lag behind if major decisions remain in imperial manila. The Philippines with its diverse culture, polarized regions and more than a thousand islands needs the kind of autonomy that federalism will give.

Jason Bruce said...

My favorite and what I think is more important is #10. I really believe that enhancing the Pinoy's traditional family and Christian values should be strengthened to bring real and long-lasting change. Kung lahat ng Pinoy ay may pananaw at namumuhay ng maka-Diyos sa lahat ng aspeto ng buhay, malulutas natin ang karamihan ng ating mga problema sa bayan, dahil tayong rin namang mga Pinoy ang dahilan ng mga problemang ito.